Cancer Survivor Stories – Livestrong

© Tim Pannell Photography

Hey, it’s me Tim again.  I have a buddy who’s a personal trainer….not “my” personal trainer….I don’t want anyone to get the idea that he’s not good at his chosen profession.  Me endorsing him is kind of like Tiger Woods endorsing the book – “Monogamy and Me”.

In any case, I was talking with him today and he turned me onto this Livestrong site that Lance Armstrong’s foundation has put together and there is a lot of really good information on it.  If you have a chance, check it out —

It looks like the weather today will finally co-operate with us and we’ll get some shots of Jon and Mel before she decides to “sit at the cool kids table” and go au naturel….at least as far as her head is concerned.

We’ll get some good images up on the site asap.

Keep praying and fasting for her and her fam……’s greatly appreciated.

Thanks again for everyone’s love and service…..I’m amazed at the outpouring….so many wonderful people!

With everyone’s support she will gain strength and rise to the challenge that lays before her.  I know she’s going to beat this thing.

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One Response to Cancer Survivor Stories – Livestrong

  1. Tiffany Strong says:

    Hello there amazing Kau family! My mom was a radiation oncologist nurse at Princeton Medical center for 30 years and saw so many blessings, miracles and tender moments with family and friends while her many many patients dealt with all types of cancer. It is amazing to hear some of her success stories, and even though my mother passed away last year, it was astounding to me at her funeral to visit with so many patients that she had helped get through cancer themselves. I am so blessed to have my mother in my life to share these stories with me, and to see that with prayer, love, and faith in the Lord “you can do hard things” and get through anything! Much love to you all.
    Here is my mother’s website:

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