Hair Today….Gone Tomorrow

Well, today was a busy day for Melanie.  She had her radiation treatment this morning at 9:15 and when she came home from that she was welcomed by a wonderful sign with balloons in the yard that was put up by the Weeks.  Pretty cool!

The Young Women sent over a really neat booklet they made for Mel that had all kinds of inspirational quotes and scriptural references……really creative.

She then decided to be proactive and take care of her hair situation on her own terms.  Bald is beautiful….or at least in this case……really, really short is beautiful and she wears it well.

Here’s some pics to commemorate the situation….I hope you enjoy them.

All in all, Mel thinks it was a pretty beautiful day and is so grateful to everyone that made it special.  She can completely feel everyone’s love and faith….know that it makes her feel stronger…thank you, thank you, thank you!  She loves you all!

“I do not think we know our own strength until we have seen how strong love makes us.”

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9 Responses to Hair Today….Gone Tomorrow

  1. Cousin Steve says:

    Wow! Welcome home Melanie. Some women look really, really, “hot” with super short hair… happen to be one of them!

    The Connolly family sends love and well wishes for a strong recovery.


  2. Elaine Bridges says:

    Wow! You look really terrific with that hair cut. Somehow I am sure you are going to set a new trend. I just wish we could all be as wonderful, inside and out, as you are.
    We love you so much,

  3. Stacey Bowman says:

    Hey Melly,

    You sure give Annie Lennox a run for the money…..HOt, Hot, Hot you look! Your strength is such an inspiration to me. I admire your positive attitude which I truly believe makes a huge difference in one’s life. My thoughts are with you constantly and I thank you for sharing your story and wish you huge success with all that you are enduring. I love you Melly!

    Stacey Lynne

  4. Ann Gibson says:

    Dear Melanie,
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you continually. We love you and your family!
    You look absolutely amazing with short hair, but that’s to be expected with such a gorgeous face! In the words of Hannah when she was about 10, “I may be small, but I am strong!” You have always had amazing strength – on the inside and on the outside! Stay tough girl!!! Love, Ann

  5. Hannah Gibson says:

    Your short hair cut is absolutely beautiful on you!!! My prayers and thoughts are with you and your wonderful family. You’re such an amazing mommy and friend to everyone in your life. I don’t know how many times you made all of us girls lunch during school but it was a lot, and they were some of my favorite memories of high school. Thanks for everything you do. Stay strong and know that you have so many people behind you.

    With so much love, Hannah

  6. Elisha Daines says:

    melanie—I am soooo sorry to hear about this from Stacy, Your can be super strons, as you already are being. to quote a group we saw in the great 80’s

    ‘DON’T STOP BELIEVEIN’ I am going to ask when me get to heaven it is was really necessary to have leg hair. I love you , you look GREAT—ELISHA

  7. Tiffany Roush Mehner says:

    My dear Melanie . . . .you pull off that haircut with such style! You look amazing! I love you and love to see the support of the neighbors around you. I’m there in spirit!



  8. Nancy Hopkins says:

    Melanie, we’ve followed your site since our daughter, Jennifer, told us about it. Please know that Br. Hopkins and I send our love and prayers and strength.

  9. ali hallstrom says:

    You do wear it well Melanie, you look strong and beautiful.

    We love you guys 😉

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