A Day of Blessings, July 22, 2010

Thanks to Tim for the fun picture yesterday….Anyone in need of a VERY talented photographer….Tim’s your man.  He’s a commercial photographer, but is happy to do family shots—and amazing family shots you will get…..Our family bonus is we keep showing up all over the world in great magazine ads.  My youngest, Kawena, was featured in a Family Circle “Modesty” article for a cute genie Halloween costume which covered midriff and everything else.

Busy Day, but a great visit up at the Huntsman Institute in Salt Lake.  Jon and I met with a Dr. Ackerly who went through lots of information with us and discussed treatment options.  We need to meet with Dr. Rich in Provo again next week, because I will be part of the clinical trial he is working on.  I feel so blessed to qualify for this trial which has great results in treating the whole body for this type of cancer.  I will give more details in the coming days.  Lots to process for now…..  Also…

I missed the  “Aerobics Girls” who came over while I was in Salt Lake.  I’m so sad I missed you!!!  Thank you for all your inspiring cards.  You each mean so much to me!!!!  I will post some of their messages to me in the days ahead because they made me so happy.  Here’s one from Ruthanne Jackson…..”Shall we not go on in such a great cause?  Go forward and not backward.  Courage, sister, and on and on to the victory!”—D&C 128:22

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