July 22, 2010 First of Three Days off Radiation……Three days to go next week

Today has been more tiring than I hoped, but it was a great day visiting with my cousin Robin , her son, and Aunt Barbara and Uncle K.  I can’t believe how amazing it is to have so many of you rooting for us.

Here a just a few more details.

This information is coming from my Jon….Here is the summary of my conversation with Dr. Rich. According to the biopsy results, your sample tested positive for the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) gene mutation. This is good news because it means you are eligible for a current clinical trial using the FDA-approved drug Tarceva (in combination with Avastin) for treatment. This clinical trial is available locally through Utah Valley (won’t need to travel out of state) and will begin as soon as possible after your radiation sessions are concluded (2-4 weeks, possibly even sooner). Dr. Rich indicated some of his patients have a very good ongoing track record (longer than 2 years) with the Tarceva regimen. It is still relatively new. If the growth of the lung cancer is of greater concern, it is possible that 4 rounds of chemotherapy would be prescribed before beginning the clinical trial. This will be determined after further x-ray and CT scan analysis. (The persistent cough is a concern- and could very well be cancer-related). The timing of meeting with Dr. Wallace Akerly is very favorable since it will help us better understand what we are dealing with and the nature of the trial, since he conducting the same type of trial at the Huntsman Cancer Institute.  I forgot to ask Dr. Rich how clinical trials are treated by insurance companies.

We will meet with Dr Rich next week to plan on a course of action, but are hoping if I feel well enough to wait it out, we will be able to avoid chemotherapy.  The drug is very effective at targeting the cancer wherever it is in the body. I am excited to go after it!!!

Here’s an inspirational scripture from Sue Groesbeck in a card she sent me. “Preserve me, O God: for in thee I do put my trust…my flesh shall also rest in hope.” We do have lots of faith, hope, and power of the priesthood.  Love to all!

Diane Mangum—Thanks for the beautiful Bird of Paradise Mobile.  Love it and your genuine card.  I can’t even begin to thank all of you who have brought me thoughtful things and inspiration.  Know that you are each loved and treasured by me.  I have stacks of thank you notes at my house that will take a while to get delivered.  Bless you all!

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2 Responses to July 22, 2010 First of Three Days off Radiation……Three days to go next week

  1. elisha daines says:

    Melanie–I will be in Utah bringing my girls to each a different BYU and i want to come and see you, I am so heppy that all seems to be doing great. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. IT WAS GRESAT TO HEAR ABOUT YOU DANCES I N THE KITCHEN I will see at as if it were 1980-1982 all over again. “you can ring my bell, ring my bell'”.

    Let me know what hospital you are going to and when you will be at home. I will be out there around Aug. 22nd ansd staying until Sept. 7. I will call you tnight or tomorrow July 27th. I love you and your wonderful husband and kids. elisha

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