Loved the Pouring Rain!

Cousins in the rain..Melia Kawena, Hayley, Kalani, Courtney, Keala

Loved the great down pour today!

It was so fun to watch the kids run in the street together, and enjoy the simple things in life.  I was in the middle of this and our power went out, so we lost the internet…. so I’m just getting to posting this today.

I found a quote in a book I have that I wanted to leave with all of you because it applies so much to me right now.   “…love is something you cannot give away entirely.  It always comes back to you.” I’m so grateful for a loving husband,  wonderful children, and friends who have loved me beyond measure.  I can’t thank all of you enough.

My Father-in-law, Julian Kau sent this:  In his book, The Growth of the Old Testament, H. H. Rowley expresses the following paraphrased thought:  “I am impressed that the book of
Job vividly illustrates a teaching from the Lectures on Faith, that if
we are to endure in faithfulness in this life, we must know three
things – that God exists, that He is perfect in his character and in
his attributes, and that the course of life which one pursues is
pleasing to the Lord.”  We know that Melanie knows this and continues
to be a wonderful example in testifying of these things.  Lots of love
from Mom and Dad Kau.   Have faith and believe in miracles!

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3 Responses to Loved the Pouring Rain!

  1. Tiffany Strong says:

    Faith and Miracles are my two favorite words. Melanie love you and I love the rain too…makes you want to snuggle up with a good book and dream.

  2. Amber McLain says:

    I still stand by what I said a few weeks ago….that you have a few things to teach us all and our hearts and ears were open . The lessons have begun and you are teaching us daily about faith, strength, endurance, patience, wisdom, kindness, hope, humility, love, and the list goes on. I read your blog and am filled with the spirit and moved by your words. You strengthen my testimony and humble me. How I hope that when I am confronted with such trials, I will be able to handle them with the grace and strength that you do. You amaze me! Thank you for your example. You are loved beyond measure!

    Much love,

  3. DeLite says:

    Looks like fun. Reminds me of when we were kids. I’m so wishing that I were there with you guys along with all my kids. Sending good thoughts your way!

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