Weddings make me Sentimental about my own wedding!

Melanie grateful for, and in love with Kala (Jon)

Today I loved being in the temple with my niece Crystalee and her new husband Ryan.  I am so happy for them to be sealed for eternity.  They are darling and the sealer did a beautiful job.  (I did not get his name.)  It just made me  so grateful for my own temple marriage with Kala (Jon).

I also got a letter from one of my former Young Women, Annie Stewart Grow today that made me cry.  Thank you Annie for blessing my life!!

Sometimes 13 year old sons say the sweetest things!  Tonight there was a discussion on who in the family should head back to Salt Lake for Crystalee and Ryan’s reception–most of us went to the temple and luncheon.  Kai said, “Well, I really enjoyed my other cousins reception with dancing because they had a ‘Mother/Son’  dance.  I liked that.  But if Mom’s not going back up to the reception I’ll stay home.”  OK–way to melt a mother’s heart!  Almost made me try to go the reception, but I know I should stay home and rest.

In Annie Grow’s letter today she referenced Marjorie Hinckley’s quote book.  In it she references Alma 37:6  “By small and simple things are great things brought to pass.” Marjorie then says, ” I couldn’t possible have understood this when I was young like I do now.  When we look back on decades of life we see that the seemingly insignificant things we do over and over actually weave the pattern for our lives, and if those small and simple things are good, we will end up having lived a fulfilled life–and that is a great thing!”

I am grateful to each of you for all the small, simple–and many of you large things you have done for me and my family.  You are all making “great things come to pass.” We love you all dearly.  God bless you!–Love, Melanie

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4 Responses to Weddings make me Sentimental about my own wedding!

  1. Sondra Hudgens says:

    This is Sondra who called you about the wigs today! You are the one who walked down the Y with my daughter Autumn! I am so SLOW, I am putting it all together now! Annie is so awesome, she works with me in Young Women, so you must have been some kind of wonderful leader!!!! Anyway, keep writing all these wonderful things….do you mind if I refer my sister to this blog? Love you and keep the faith!-Sondra Hudgens

  2. Connie Livingston says:

    Dear Melanie, We think of you and your lovely, dear family so often and check your blog frequently. You are inspiring others so much with your thoughts during this very difficult journey. My John continues to keep your name in the temple, he has commented often of how beautiful you are and I know you are too. I know many people whose lives you have blessed are praying for your health right now and we will continue to so as well. Please take courage and strength from knowing how very much you are loved. Your friend, Connie Livingston

  3. DeLite says:

    I know the feeling. It’s so sweet to see a wedding. It also makes you tear up to know the unkown challenges that will come their way–but to know that they will be together and that through the Lord’s help they will make it through it all. I wish I could have been there and am so excited to see you next week. I love you! DeLite

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