How Gentle God’s Commands!

Kalani and her good friend Sophia Osmond who is home getting better from a nasty virus. We have been praying for Sophia!

I’m reluctant to admit that today was a difficult day.  I expect to feel better week by week, but today I’m grateful to have made it through Sacrament Meeting. Natalie Jones gave a great talk on patience that felt like it was just for me.  Johnny Hicks also gave a great farewell talk for his mission to Morristown, NJ.  Jon’s Dad used to be Stake President there as well as our Bishop Smith coming from there….It’s a small world!

Of course there were many tender mercies today:

Julie Woffinden walked me home from church and made me french toast that I was actually able to eat.

Debbie Lewis brought me some beautiful flowers and her visit cheered me.

A visit from four of my previous young women who are all married now and Camie is having a baby anytime.  I use their maiden names–Annie Stewart, Jess Crosby, Whitney Wilcox, and Camie Carmen.  I meant to get a picture when they were here to post, but completely forgot.

I quote the words from “How Gentle God’s Commands”  LDS Hymn #125 because I need them…”How gentle God’s commands!  How kind his precepts are!  Come, cast your burdens on the Lord and trust his constant care.  His goodness stands approved, unchanged from day to day.  I’ll drop my burden at his feet and bear a song away.”

I’m so grateful for the Lord’s help and all the angels around me…each of you… carrying  me through this day, and any other difficult day ahead.  Love you!…Melanie

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2 Responses to How Gentle God’s Commands!

  1. Tiffany Strong says:

    Oh wow! When I read this: “Johnny Hicks also gave a great farewell talk for his mission to Morristown, NJ. ” I thought – so cool that is my home stake and mission. Ten years ago this December 31st I was baptized as a member of the LDS church. Ever since then I have been blessed with so many wonderful things in my life. One of these wonderful blessings is great friends who have been super examples of faith and hope in my life. Melanie thank you for being an example to me daily. I have been praying for you, and also for cute Sophia.
    PS – tell Elder Hicks he needs to get in contact with the MARSH family, and also CARTER family. They are amazing strong faithful families back east, and they love the missionaries.

  2. annie grow says:

    thank you for letting us come see you yesterday. we all loved being with you and your beautiful fam. you’re so loved by all of us. love you melanie!

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