I’m with the smart guy-Albert Einstein-EVERYTHING is a Miracle!

The Young Women came over today and sag a song just for me to the tune of "All the Single Ladies" But sang "all the Young Women""

Nancy Weekes brought dinner-thank you Nancy! She also brought a great quote by Albert Einstein, “There are two ways to live your live…One is as though nothing is a miracle, the other is as though everything is miracle!”

I am getting a little stronger, and have had to start a notebook record of all the supplements and meds I have to take, so that I remember what I’ve taken and still need to take!

Today I give a list of miracles for the day:

Thunderstorm!!…  Keala for running so many errands and ME around….  Listening to Keala play hymn arrangements and just closing my eyes and absorbing the Spirit….The ward family that keeps bringing us delicious meals… The Young Women for writing me a song and coming to sing to me, and then making smoothies!

How can I not have absolute faith in a loving Father in Heaven.  He lives, He lives! And His son Jesus Christ suffered below anything we have to get through.  He lives! …I’m grateful to each of you!  Love, Melanie

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2 Responses to I’m with the smart guy-Albert Einstein-EVERYTHING is a Miracle!

  1. Tiffany Strong says:

    Okay so that is the cutest picture ever. I have taught most of those girls – wow – they are beautiful, and Melanie so are you! I am so proud to be a teacher and to have taught such amazing young women.
    They all need to go to the BYU softball games, they play that song a lot. It would be fun, and I have the hook up to the games. I will get them tickets…how many do you need to cover the young women and mom’s!?

    Melanie, I love ya. What can I do to help with school?

  2. Carl Clegg says:

    I love the Einstein quote. We believe in miracles here too. DeLite, Rebekah, and Max are looking forward to seeing you next week. Be well. We think of and pray for you daily. Love from the Cleggs.

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