We’re in the Middle of an Endurance Race!

Kala and Mel at Aspen Grove

Today was a good day, tiring , but good.  It was a small  miracle that I got through the CT scan.  This man brought in this tray of 6 full glass of stuff I had to drink, and my heart sank.  But I did it!  Then I worried about having to lay down to go through the machine.  I’ve been coughing a lot and laying down makes it worse, but through one of the Saviors many tender mercies.  I didn’t cough at all til I sat up! (We are still waiting for the Dr. to call us on the results. )  Tomorrow is the bone scan.  I go in at 11:30 to drink something–(hopefully not 6 glasses), and then have to go back two hours later for the scan.

Grandma Kau stopped by to rescue me just as Kalani was coming home from Tennis and needing to be run to the library and Costco to get tennis snacks for the match tomorrow.-  Thanks Mom for getting Kalani the book she needed, tennis treats, and taking her for school supplies!

Kala had to speak at BYU Freshman Leadership Conference up at Aspen Grove.  I was able to go with him, but  sat like an old lady wrapped in a blanket in the back of the outdoor pavilion. –Boy, I have lost a significant amount of pride.  I just loved being there with him, and of course, he did a great job addressing to the students.–Love that man! And I remembered to bring the camera–another small miracle!

The Taggarts brought over a wonderful Salmon, grilled vegetables, and even gluten free cupcakes. It was a wonderful dinner.  They got me to eat when I had no appetite!– Thank you!

Keala took Kawena to Back-to-School Night so I could go with Kala.  School starts for Kawena tomorrow.  She’s excited and has her lunch almost ready to go!

I need to be  reminded to BE STRONG, so I share with you a scripture in which Nephi reminds his questioning brothers to trust in God. “Yea, and how is it that ye have forgotten that the Lord is able to do all things according to his will, for the children of men, if is so be that they exercise faith in him? Wherefore, let us be faithful to him.” 1Nephi 7:12 — Love and appreciate each of you! –Melanie

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3 Responses to We’re in the Middle of an Endurance Race!

  1. Lisa says:

    Melanie, you are such a wonderful, beautiful, inspiring person. You make me realize that we can overcome anything with faith and prayers. My family is praying for you and each night Tucker (our 4 yr old) prays that “sister Kau will get better soon.” It is so sweet to see the faith of our little ones.

  2. Phyllis Rosen says:

    Love the picture!!! So glad you were able to go and enjoy being with your wonderful husband. You look beautiful.

    Love you, Phyllis

  3. Michele says:

    So sorry you don’t feel great…but you still look beautiful! Hang in there! You WILL get through this! Love you! – Michele

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