OK, I’m a Little Claustrophobic!

I went in for the Bone Scan and was happy to see that Mary Dimond from our ward was the technician doing the bone scan.  You can see the machine which doesn’t look that intimidating, but I wasn’t prepared for my reaction!  Jon brought me in and got me settled, and then had to leave to make some work calls.  Mary told me that the machine would be very close to my face for about four minutes and then slowly move down my body.  All I had to do was hold still. I didn’t realize that everyone would leave the room, all the lights would be out and those square sides would come around and be right over my face!  I have to admit I freaked out, and called out for Mary, but she was not in the room.  I kept calling her name and then just crawled right out of that silly machine crying and apologizing that we would have to try again!  Mary was so kind and didn’t even treat me like I was a bit crazy!  I was able to calm down, Mary stayed with me, and the lights stayed on.   I got through it just fine the second try.   The MRI is much more claustrophobic, but I already warned them that I would probably need some medication to help me with that one.

It was a little hard to see the cancer “hot” spots show up on the screen–base of my neck, a couple along my spine and in the hip area.  But I was just looking at the screen in the room and haven’t gotten the professional results yet.  It’s just hard to see the reality that it’s still there–but I don’t think it’s gotten worse, so thats good!

Kawena off to school- photo by Tim Pannell

Today was the first day of school for Kawena.  She loved it. Kai and Kalani start tomorrow and Keala on Monday.  Kalani had her first tennis match today.  (She plays second doubles).  They won 6-2, 6-1!  I didn’t make it to the match, but plan on being stronger for other matches later in the season.

My sister, DeLite, (a beautiful name and yes, a child of the seventies) arrived from New Jersey tonight.  She is visiting in-laws as well as spending some time with Kim and me.  It’s fun to have her here.

In the talk Jon gave to students last night he had a quote from President Spencer W. Kimball that made it clear to me why I see so many people, not as just neighbors and friends, but actual angels sent direct from God.  “What is our greatest potential?  Is it not to be Christlike?  And what are the qualities we must develop to achieve such greatness?  We might consider intelligence, light, knowledge, and leadership.  But perhaps the most essential godlike quality is that of compassion and love– compassion shown forth in service to others, unselfishness, that ultimate expression of concern for others we call love.  Wherever our Father’s children magnify their opportunities for loving service, they are becoming more like Him.” I have been so blessed by the service of all those around me. and many far away that my “cup runneth over.”   Love you all–Melanie

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3 Responses to OK, I’m a Little Claustrophobic!

  1. Tiffany Strong says:

    Where is your sister living in New Jersey? That is so great. She is getting a little break form the humidity. Also, I think you are the bravest of the brave. You are amazing and I am so glad that the girls and you hansom Kai loved school today. Makes teachers happy.

  2. Mindy Brown says:

    As always, I love reading your posts! I check faithfully every day to see how you are doing 🙂 Thank you today for the wonderful quote from President Kimball. I am working on a big speaking project and it will make a great addition. Also, I’m wondering if I can get in touch with Photographer Tim (who is amazing!). I need a few photos taken next week and he would be perfect!
    Praying for you and your family, constantly!
    Lots of love, Mindy

  3. Heather Fenn says:

    I know how u feel. I had to have a bone scan done earlier this year. I didn’t like it either. I really really hate the MRI machine. IN the last about 2 1/2 to 3 years i have had to have about 8 or so MRI’s . they have open mri machine also. I had to have medication to get throught. I would say get some medication it helps. It is better to have it then not to have it. I had to one time actually be pulled out before the test was done. You will do fine. I love the Pic of you & Jon at Aspen Grove. U make a wonderful looking couple. You r in my prayers. love all the diff pic u post. I have put you name on the prayer roll everytime i go.

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