An Adventure and an EKG

The other day I developed a rash on my abdomen that has gotten worse, along with swelling ankles and pain in my chest.  I became worried that my heart may be affected, and the pain got worse today, so I called my dear friend, Amy Turner, and she got me in to get an EKG.   She also had an ER doctor look at it and he said the EKG looked fine, so I’m not in peril of ceasing to breathe tonight!  He said the rash is most likely contact dermatitis.  We’re thinking some new laundry detergent.  Ok, so I’m rewashing all my clothes!!

Tomorrow morning Jon’s taking me in for the MRI, and then we meet with Dr. Rich, the oncologist to go over all the tests I’ve had this week.  I talked to him tonight before I went in for the EKG, and he said the CT scan showed the cancer had progressed some.–I guess I expect that since they haven’t done anything about the cancer, beside the brain, since I was diagnosed.

Alyson and Melanie- Bandanas are in!

Today was Alyson Freedman’s birthday, so I include a fun picture of us both wearing scarves!

I am including the 3rd verse of “Come Unto Me”  It matters not what may befall, what threat’ning hand hangs over me; He is my rampart through it all, My refuge from mine enemy.  Come unto him all ye depressed, Ye erring souls whose eyes are dim, Ye weary ones who long for rest.  Come unto Him! Come unto Him!  I know I can do this with the Lord’s help!  Love to all–Melanie

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2 Responses to An Adventure and an EKG

  1. Bill says:

    Those are two hot mommas!

  2. annie grow says:

    you really can do it – the scarf has never looked better on anyone!

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