Miles For Melanie

© Tim Pannell

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3 Responses to Miles For Melanie

  1. I don’t know Melanie personally but my daughter Jennifer has gone to school with Kalani since Canyon Crest, and we seem to have many “2nd generation” connections. Melanie’s struggles have hit very close to home for me. If it’s OK, I’d like to post the information about the “Miles for Melanie” walk/run on my blog – not that it gets tons of traffic but every little bit helps right? My daughter and I will be there.

  2. elisha daines says:

    I miss you already. I wish I was there still. My daughter Kylee ran for me with two of her male friends and thinks she was right behind you beautiful children She was very happy to do the run for me and I was happy to let he do it. I hope you are still doing great. You are an inspiration to anyone with any issue in life. you handle this cancer with such a great attitude we all could learn from. I love you Mel. FIGHT THE BIG FIGHT SISTER. You can do it. Elisha

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