We wait for medicine until Thursday

I just talked to the mail order pharmacy who are finally shipping out the medicine tomorrow.  I sure wished they’d shipped it out on Friday when Dr. Rich called them, but they said “Oh, we have to confirm with the patient before we can send it out. ”  Well, why didn’t you just talk to me when I was in his office and he was ordering it then.?  They didn’t have a very good answer for that!

I’m not as swollen or full of scary hospital medicines-morphine, so I feel much better.  The coughing remains and does wake me up at night sometimes.  I include a funny picture of me and two friends I grew up with.   It’s funny because I look like the the middle of an oreo cookie with these great “black haired cookies” on either side.

Childhood friends Elisha and Stacy

I appreciate all those who checked in with me today and who stayed with me while I was too tired to do anything but sleep.  Thanks Jill and Tammy, Christy, and thanks to the Primary Presidency who brought a beautiful bucket of paper flowers from each of the Primary children.

For our 23rd anniversary, September 5, I wanted to get a new mattress, because embarrassingly enough, we haven’t had a new mattress since we got married! Costc has mattresses, but I know Down East has them as well.  I’d rather our friends get the business than Costco, so we asked Bill and Alyson about a mattress from Down East, and they were great enough to help us out.  Last night was a great nights sleep on a great mattress, and we appreciate them!

I leave you with a quote from Dieter Uchtdorf, 2nd Counselor in the First Presidency of the Church. “Though we cannot understand the meaning of all things, we do know that God loveth his children. ”  I am content to be loved by my Heavenly Father, the Savior, and all the remarkable people all around me!  Love you–Melanie

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8 Responses to We wait for medicine until Thursday

  1. Stacey says:

    Hey Melly,

    Thank you so much for cutting your nap time short on account of our unannounced visit!.. My family always asks about you and your progress to which I catch them up to date. When I am done with the technical lingo of all that you are enduring I let them know that your attitude has never waivered! You have stayed so positive. I thank you for being such an inspiration to me and my family, I am quite embarrassed at myself for those times that I get on the “pity pot”. All the trivial crap I let overwhelm me at times, and here you are cracking jokes, smiling and loving life! You are awesome Melly and I cherish the love that you are sending to everyone while you deal with and BEAT this disease. Stay strong sister you have many routing for you and we wont quit either.

  2. Bill says:

    They always say bald is beautiful and you are proving them right. Way to put it out there!

  3. Dina Driggs says:

    Love you tons. We are praying for you in our family.

  4. DeLite says:

    What fun to see Elisha and Stacy. You are still so beautiful–I am amazed. It is your inner spirit shining through! Say hello to your family for me!

  5. Cindy Mason says:

    Love you Melanie! Does some more blueberry wheat muffins sound good? If you have a hankering for ANYTHING Please let me know!!!!

  6. Cindy Mason says:

    Ok cutie when I get back in town I will be right over with some! Love you!

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