The bone infusion Mary Lou took me to (On her birthday!–love spending time with her.) was hurting like crazy by this morning–just a deep ache in all bones, joints-if it can hurt it did!  I took the pain medication they gave me for it, and that knocked me out til 1:00 in the afternoon.  The Tarciva medicine came and I took it at 1:00, and then had to wait an hour to eat anything.  By 3:45 I threw everything up.  -Not complaining–just hoping it was more a result of the strong pain meds than a reaction to the Tarciva.  We’ll see how tomorrow goes.

I’m so grateful to Alyson Freedman for putting together “Miles for Melanie” and all the girls work on it as well..

Another tender blessing was Glenwood Apartments released Keala from her contract this fall.  Thanks to the Glenwood for a little human compassion.

Amanda, Kalani, and Catie are helping with the run for a ten hour project in young women's

”Search diligently.  Pray always.  And be believing.  and all things shall work together for your good.  If ye walk uprightly and remember the covenant where with ye have covenanted one with another.” – D&C 90:24  I can do this!   Love to all–Melanie

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  1. Lindsay Rasmussen says:

    I re-posted Miles for Melanie on my blog!

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