Orange on the Mountain – Medicine doing it’s job–getting stronger!

I get up at 7:00 exhausted, but take the medicine, and go back to bed for at least an hour. (I have to take it at least one hour before eating anything.)  I am hoping to get strong enough that I can be awake for those critical” leaving for school” morning hours.  I would love to be helping my kids between 7-8 am.   Kathy Hall came over this morning and was my helper extraordinaire!  She got me going through old pictures, so I could choose some to digitize and make a book for each child. She also did laundry, dishes,  and ironed Kala’s shirts!   Jan Palmer was so lovely to come in the afternoon and bring gluten free chocolate chip cookies and run multiple errands with me, or for me.  How can I ever be humble and grateful enough for the love of such wonderful people around me!

© Tim Pannell

There’s a definite fall nip in the air, and fall is my favorite season.  I haven’t included very many pictures of Kai, so I include one of Kai and Dakota Pannell (cousin) from LAST fall (photo by Tim Pannell, of course). I think Kai’s grown at least 6-8 inches since then.

I’m trying to be tough and strong and have good moments and harder times, but I keep reminding myself–with God nothing is impossible, just reach and take His hand.  In the Church News last Saturday one of President Monson’s messages of inspiration was from a  1999 BYU Commencement Address.  He said, “Your future will present insurmountable problems only when you consider them insurmountable. Your challenge is to keep faith with the past while you keep pace with the future.”I have faith in the past AND in the future!  I’m grateful for the light of the gospel and the love of family and friends! –Love Melanie

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2 Responses to Orange on the Mountain – Medicine doing it’s job–getting stronger!

  1. Katie Andersen says:

    Coming to see you tomorrow Mel!
    I love you, you are amazing!

  2. Connie Livingston says:

    Melanie, I hope you had a good day today. We think of you often, even if we don’t come by your house, you are in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you for sharing your love and faith with us all. Love, Connie

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