Nausea ad nauseam

Unfortunately, it was a day of intense nausea and stomach discomfort to “a sickening extent.” After a successful day of food and calorie intake yesterday, it was quite the opposite today. This was discouraging and made for a long and anxious day of feeling weak and hoping that it would eventually pass. Kind of like riding a roller coaster 1000 consecutive times minus the joy of the sun on your face or wind in your hair (or fuzz on your scalp in this case).

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5 Responses to Nausea ad nauseam

  1. Chalice says:

    Sorry to hear you had a rough day yesterday. Talked with Tim and he says you’ve really improved in the last 5-6 days. I’ve learned that on “good” days, you have to be careful not to overdo it . . . or you pay the price.

    Love you more than words can say. I think of you every day and wish I could take this burden from you. Use wisdom and do not “run” faster than you have strength. Keep the strength for the healing process!

  2. Renee Thomas says:

    Ever have one of those moments, when you’re searching for the right words to say…

    I just heard about “Miles for Melanie” and just finished reading your blogs. I am so sorry! I have been thinking about the Kau family for the past several weeks and I know it may sound silly, but how are you? May I come and visit you? You are such a beautiful lady inside and out — one of those people (and families) that make me smile and fills my heart with happiness. Keep resting!
    Much Love!

  3. Julie Wilcox says:

    Oh dear – I hope it wasn’t the glutamine! So happy to read that today is a better day!
    Love ya, Julie

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