I Believe in the Human Spirit to Prevail

Beautiful days of Autumn are coming!

Today’s been a day of blessings where my cup runneth over!  Cathy Hall brought me an array of things to eat from fruit and cream to donuts.  Others have also brought food to help fatten me up, and it’s working! Thanks Natalie for peaches, and Arlene for peaches and pretty tarts!

I’ve felt pretty tired all day today, but managed to work in the yard with Alyson and Skyler(my nephew) trimming trees and bushes in the back yard.  (I use the term “work” loosely on my part).  But the company was fun and they did a fine job of helping me feel useful!  The back yard looks great!

Thanks to Tammy Johnson who was here this afternoon and helped me do some cleaning and laundry, then drove me to meet Kala at BYU.  Kala and I  met with Dave Bigler, a brain specialist who helped us understand the mri better.   He had mostly encouraging news, but he was worried about a couple of spots–one in the brain stem, and one around where my vision could be affected. Many of the other spots, he concurred, look like they are dying.  I will continue to pray and do all in my power to heal my brain!

Alyson Freedman gave me a card on a difficult day that inspired me to keep going,  and I want to share it with you– “I believe in mind over matter.  I believe in miracles and blessings both great and small.  I believe in possibilities, I believe in the human spirit to prevail.  I believe that hurdles in life are meant to be jumped over, not as something to stop us. I believe in you!” That meant a ton on a difficult day.  With God nothing is impossible and we all believe in miracles!  Thank you for all your encouraging comments on the blog and faith in me.  I feel like we are an “army” going forward, and there’s no way a “disorganized  mutation” stands a chance against the faith and power we all encompass together with God!  Love you all–Melanie

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4 Responses to I Believe in the Human Spirit to Prevail

  1. Laura Chafin says:

    Melanie – I am Alyson’s best friend from high school and have so enjoyed your blog. After I visited Provo, Alyson emailed me the link – and I am so glad that she did. You are an inspiration and I am blessed by your updates! I have prayed daily for your complete healing. May God continue to bless you – Much Love from Colorado – Your friend via Alyson – Laura 🙂

    • Laura,
      Alyson always speaks so highly of you! I was grateful to you for the scriptures you shared with me when I was in the hospital. They inspired me then, and continue to do so. It’s a blessing to have another beautiful woman to call friend. Thanks for your love and support!….Melanie

  2. Arlene says:

    Love you Melanie! Way to keep us all uplifted and strengthened. God has not ceased to be a God of miracles and you are one of his miracles with your radiant spirit! See you soon.

  3. Chalice says:

    I love you. What a gorgeous picture of Kawena. Tim is so talented. I will be flying up to Utah October 6-9/10 to visit. We’ll have to see what arrangements Crystalee can make for me. I have a week off from school for fall break. (Pretty nice, huh?!)

    Emily will be flying up October 8 and returning on the 11th. (I just bought her ticket.) She’s loving college but wants to come see her aunties, uncles and cousins. We are looking forward to the cool weather and the mountains changing colors.

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