Smile, It Makes You Feel Better!

I noticed today when I was lying in bed all by myself that if I smile–even to myself–I feel a little bit better!

Today’s been a day when I can hardly count all the blessings.  Andrea Roush and Liz from Gap helped me this morning and took me shopping and then Liz treated me to a salmon lunch from Carrabas–She brought it home to me because I was pretty tired by then.  In the afternoon Nancy Weekes helped me get my prescriptions from Costco, and everyone helped me with laundry!

A big blessing for today was we’ve been looking for the  refund check from Glenwood.  I left it on the kitchen counter, and I feared I threw it out when cleaning up.  Keala went through the recycling today, and Kala put on rubber gloves and went through a very stinky garbage, but he came away victorious–the check is saved!–Kala must love me to do my dirty work!

I’ve been tired and nauseated today–not terrible, but not able to eat a whole lot–hoping to maintain at 107 pds. (Thanks to Mary Rasband for the scale–I’ve never had one before, but it’s been comforting to know exactly where I am. ) –Yes girls –here’s to the time in your lives where you would put your weight on a blog and then get all excited about gaining a few pounds–never thought I’d be there, but gotta remind myself to enjoy the fact that I can eat whatever I want!  I still have some rash “pimples”  from the Tarceva, but I’m grateful they are not worse!

Jon came home early and we went to Kalani’s tennis match at Provo High.  I love watching her play!

I include the pictures of two quotes I have hanging in my kitchen given to me by Julie Woffinden and Phyllis Rosen.  Great inspiring messages!

Catherine Sagers gave me a card.   She was reading Neal Maxwell (one of my favorites too.)  “The very process of daily living makes and breaks followers.  Life’s stern seasons and storms overturn those not grounded and rooted.  However, those who believe and are sure about Jesus Divinity do not panic, for instance, at the arrival of a new volley of fiery darts; they merely hold aloft the quenching shield of faith.”  –Oh, I really love that descriptive phrase–

“quenching shield of faith.”  I also know life is beautiful and has it’s beautiful moments too.  Family and friends, the gospel of Jesus Christ, fall leaves, Y Mountain, watching tennis from a shady chair, fresh peaches and full cream, crisp fall apples, harp, piano, and flute music—when I can get my kids to play! cul-de-sacs (because they create great memories),  Halloween (I love it–as well as Christmas and Thanksgiving–ok-most holidays.), bike rides, my soft new bed, holding hands with Kala, and dancing in the kitchen with him–(how could I almost forget that!)-Sorry long winded today!  Love you all–Melanie

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2 Responses to Smile, It Makes You Feel Better!

  1. Oh, Auntie! You are such a ray of sunshine! It’s so wonderful to read your positive outlook. You truly are an inspiration to so many. I sure want to be like you when I grow up.

  2. Cindy Mason says:

    I love getting a daily dose of “MELisms”! Each time I read your words I feel so inspired & lucky your my friend.

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