Getting Stronger and Reminiscing

Fun Tennis Match with Kalani and Cathy Hall came too!

My skin is VERY dry and I’m getting more “pimples.” (I don’t know why I put pimples in quotes because they sure look like the real thing to me!)  The medicine is still doing it’s job, so feeling stronger and better every day.

It was a bit windy for Kalani’s tennis match yesterday, so Cathy Hall and I look like we have a bed head, but we had a great time! Behind us is the wonderful Mitzi Collins.

Like all women, I suffer from a little bit of vanity even still, and I laugh that I put some of these pictures on the blog.  I’ve been going through old photos, and Jazmyn Hall has been scanning them in for me for a project. So I include a photo also that makes me happy–taken ten years ago.–Younger and WITH hair, and most importantly holding baby Kawena-  love it!

I so enjoyed the work and service of many again today.  Thanks Mary for all your vacuuming and laundry, and Katie Andersen, and DeAnn Erickson for all their help too. Katie ran errands with me and DeAnn even rearranged the furniture a little  in the family room, so Kala has his workout space, and we still have furniture!

Tim and Kim took me to lunch.  (I’m so blessed.  I’ve eaten out more in the last 2 months than in the last 5 years!) But I really do enjoy it,and it’s helping to fatten me up!

My kids don’t usually read the blog, but I post a scripture for them and will talk about it with them tonight. “..yea, they had been taught by their mothers, that if they did not doubt, God would deliver them.” Alma 56:47  I pray that my kids will have that faith “taught to them by their mother.”  God lives, He answers prayers, and loves us each individually.  He is looking out for our best eternal welfare. I’m so grateful to have such great kids!  And grateful for the ward and community family support.  Also the support of family not here.  My sister Chalice is supporting the “Miles for Melanie” run by organizing a “hike”for a few in Arizona complete with T-shirts!  Love to all–Melanie

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One Response to Getting Stronger and Reminiscing

  1. Heather Fenn says:


    I love to see the Pic you post. I am glad u r getting stronger. It is fun to see your family. I was at the temple last Sat. Our state had a stake temple day for the sisters.
    I put you & your family on the prayer roll.

    I hope the Miles for Melanie goes well on Sat. I wish I lived closer so i cold be part of it.
    I will be with u in spirit & in my heart.

    It is fun to look back at pic and remeber. It helps keep the memory & fun time alive.

    I check this blog also every day. i am glad it is here so i can see & hear how u r doing.

    I know U r an inspiration to me and alot of other people on how u r handling this whole thing. What a wonderful thing getting a blessing are. What a wonderful and am sure special to have 2 different blessing from aposels of the lord!!!

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