Gratitude and Community

Before the start of the Race

Kala's Mom and friends from the Hawaiian group

Raymonds-for the banners, Blaine (my nephew) for the t-shirt design. Mary-finding water donations providing water.  Staheli Family-helping provide water and granola bars.  YW of Meadowood ward and leaders-coming EARLY and helping set up. Catie, Kalani and Amanda-for being Alyson’s biggest helpers (ten hour YW project for them!). McGuire family-for donating the music and their time. Bro. Woffinden-for being there early to help get electrical going and providing the cones. Tim-for taking suchwonderful pictures, I plan to make a book. I will post pictures later on my facebook page because I guess you can’t create an album on a blog–So I include only a few of the great pictures.  I’ll let you know when I get the others up on facebook.  I’ve been crying as I’ve reviewed these pictures and wish you could see all of them.  There is no doubt in my mind that we live in a Zion Community as I see the service and love in action.I want you to know that I felt the healing power in every one of your footsteps and smiles.  The sweetness in life far outweighs the bitterness.  It truly is a Sweet Life!

On a side note the oncologist said everything is looking good and he’s please the Tarceva is working so well.  I will go back to see him in about 4 weeks and get scans done right before then–last week in October

Elizabeth (Alyson's niece) at th head of the crowd!

Turner and Boots families

Handing out t-shirts

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One Response to Gratitude and Community

  1. sandee says:

    Sorry we missed this!!!!! I love your inspiration and your strength. You are in my prayers.

    Munoz Family

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