Pottery and Good Friends

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Still feeling the “afterglow” of such great positive faith and energy from the race.  I went through all the pictures Tim took at the race and they are such a fun memory.  I figured out how to post a slideshow on the blog!  I’ll attach a different slideshow of the race every day because there are so many great pictures, but I know you don’t have time for the 100 I set aside from Tim’s work.

I’m very happy the Zometa bone treatment went a lot better this time.   I had some pain over night, but it didn’t knock me out for two days.  It’s been a very busy day today.  Jill Guzzo was here when Laura Lee Bradshaw (she used to live across the street from us.) came and brought her potters wheel.  She taught us how to throw the clay on the wheel and make pots.  Well I use the word “taught” loosely because I need a lot of help.  Jill’s “syrup jar” pot is quite elegant! Nancy Weekes came later and she was so great to help with laundry and some ironing!– Such angels in the world!

Jill and Laura Lee on the pottery wheel

My brother-in-law, Carter stopped by on his way home to North Dakota from Mesa, AZ where he participated in an “Adventure Race” (He describes it and it sounds much like “The Amazing Race.”

I am so blessed by loving friends and a loving Father in Heaven.  My faith is constantly strengthened by the very personal blessings He sends daily–usually through the “angels” on the earth. I’m excited for Conference Weekend.

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One Response to Pottery and Good Friends

  1. DeLite says:

    Wow! How amazing to have so many people there to support you. Wish we could have been there, too! Sending all my love. DeLite

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