God Will Encircle Thee in the Arms of His Love

Flowers from the Primary children

Today’s been a beautiful day.  My neighbor in the cul-de-sac , Fran Buddle, came over and cleaned for several hours, and then took me to lunch!  I am so spoiled!

I went to my regular doctor (DO), and reviewed the blood tests from two weeks ago.  He said most everything is looking better than last time, but my inflammation response is very high.  (puts me at risk for cardiac issues).  It’s not a surprise that my inflammation response is very high–fighting a nasty disease, but I need to start taking fish oil again to help bring inflammation down.  He recommended krill fish oil rather than salmon because there will be less environmental toxins.  He also recommended going “green” in all my “personal care” products like shampoos, lotions, cosmetics–anything that goes on the skin.  He said in Europe they take all the nasty chemicals out, but the US doesn’t demand it, so they leave the carcinogens in there.  I’m so grateful for modern medicine and caring doctors.  We are doing this!

I know God has inspired my friends and neighbors in how best to help me through this, and I am so grateful for that inspiration.  I have received an outpouring of love, which I seem to have a greater need for.  So today I share a scripture I’m not sure if I’ve shared before, but it brings me comfort and I do feel “encircled in the arms of His love.”—“Therefore treasure up these words in thy heart.  Be faithful and diligent in keeping the commandments of God, and I will encircle thee in the arms of my love.” D&C 6:20

I seem to have increased capacity to love as well as increased demand, so I express my sincere love for each of you–   really, I mean it!    Love, Melanie

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6 Responses to God Will Encircle Thee in the Arms of His Love

  1. Kelsey Gray says:

    Melanie, I really love reading your daily thoughts. You are so uplifting. I have also been going green with my personal care, ever since I had Nola. I have some pretty good but crazy sounding things I use. I really like coconut oil as lotion and raw apple cider vinegar as conditioner for my hair. Yep, crazy but they work and are free of chemicals. If you want any other tips let me know:)

    • Rob Tonkinson says:

      We love almond oil as lotion or massage oil. Plain white vinegar works too, especially for dandruff or itchy scalp.

      • Rob and the Tonkinson Family,

        I came home from radiation treatment tired, and to some beautiful flowers!! Thank you so much for thinking of me!! It brightened a rather cold Utah Spring day! We are grateful for you!

  2. Rob Tonkinson says:

    I am not a very active facebooker, but something took me to your site today and then to here. I am so sorry to hear of all your struggles and pray that the Lord will continue to hold you in His arms, lift your burdens, and bring healing to you are your family.


  3. DeLite says:

    So glad that you are continuing to receive help and feel better! You are so blessed to be surrounded by people who love you and support you through this hard time. Fall is gorgeous here in New Jersey. I’m hoping to take the kids pumpkin picking this week. So glad that you were able to go–the pictures are darling. DeLite

  4. Lani Nelson says:

    I am touched by Melanie, even though I never knew her. I feel like she is an amazing person. Maybe I will have the opportunity to meet her some day. I too was born in 1965 and somehow feel a small connection to her as I read her entries. I am sure that God has blessed her family.

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