No Crawling out of Scanning Machines today

Today’s scans went well-no results yet, but I didn’t do anything embarrassing either.  I was able to drink the six cups of liquid, and with some Valium never crawled out of the MRI machine.  Of course it took all day for the Valium to wear off.  I came home at about 1:15, ate lunch and crawled in bed.  I didn’t wake up til Kala came home at 5:15.  Not even my kids coming home and checking on me woke me up!  Keala took Kai to his Orthodontist appointment at 2:00, and left me to rest!

All that resting is the reason I was able to attend the Stake Young Women’s Leadership Meeting tonight.  I so wanted to be with our great leaders and to hear their inspiration. It was very well worth attending.  These women are full of the Spirit and it’s obvious they love the young women and the leaders.  We sang at the opening “Behold the Wounds in Jesus Hands, ” I’m fairly certain I have quoted this song before, but I will just include portions of different verses. “Behold the outstretched hand of Christ, Our Lord, who came to save, He yearns to bless you with His love and all your sins forgive. Then as you fall to worship Him, and wash His feet in tears.  Your Savior takes you in His arms, and quiets all your fears. ” The Savior has quieted all my fears today, and I’m not anxious about test results.  The results will be good.

Well how about some light hearted cancer humor?  I’ve decided that I resemble one of

Choose the hair, ears, eyebrows, even lips

those toys–a magnetic “Create-a-face. ”  First you get to choose the hair you want.  Then the steroids they give you create facial hair–so unfortunately you don’t get to choose beard OR mustache–you get them both.  Then the eyebrows.  Mine didn’t fall out, but they are growing in black near the nose, but still red on the arches–so I feel like I’ve got half my husbands eyebrows.  Even my ears look huge and different without any hair.  The lips are put on the face and seem to have fever blisters regularly, so I get some nice plump lips going. –and then add a little teenage acne to round out the confusing face.  I love it–too hard to figure out who put me all together!

It makes the day lighter when I find the humor and blessings!  Love all of you!–Melanie


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3 Responses to No Crawling out of Scanning Machines today

  1. Heidi says:

    You are beautiful no matter how you cut it! Love you sweet sister!

  2. Julie Markham says:

    I worried about your scan all day yesterday — I’m so glad you got through it just fine. I need to find a magnetic create-a-face for my fridge. You inspire me!

  3. Charlene Stewart says:

    You are so optimistic! I know that that is a blessing in your life. I know that humor helps in your health. Tacie, my daughter is just the same way! I know she has felt better because of it. You are in my prayers! Tell Kai hi for me!

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