Create-a-Face Switch!

What's wrong with this picture?

Jillian Freedman and I were playing the other day, and she commented she really liked my “hair hat.”  I asked her if she wanted to try it on, and …vwala. You can see I have a little fuzz growing in, but don’t get too excited because the picture makes it look like more than in person.  My kids also say I have a dark section of hair growing in the back of my head.  I’m not being picky about the color of hair coming in–just bring it on!

Today was a quiet Saturday, helping kids with projects and resting in between.  I seem to focus so much on making sure I eat regularly.  It’s not been as hard to wait for test results as I expected, but I’m still anxious for Monday’s 1:00  appointment with the doctor.  I have faith!  I was reading a devotional given by my friend Mindy Brown and her Dad,President Wheelright, who is president of BYU Hawaii.  I loved their message on families.  I’d love to share the whole talk with you, but instead I’ll share little portions.  Today is a quote from President Wheelright, “When the going gets tough, the committed get tougher.”

I love this statement as it applies to families and I can feel it in our current trial. I am amazed at my husband and kids stepping up, and for their faith and support.–Wow, what a lesson in being tough, strengthening testimony, and character!

Have a wonderful sabbath.   Love to all…Melanie

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6 Responses to Create-a-Face Switch!

  1. Mindy Brown says:

    Melanie! I am so flattered that you read our talk!! How did you even know about it? And I’m also glad you liked it 🙂 It was a very wonderful experience to work on that project with my father, and I’m really glad you liked that line you quoted (–I was the author and that was one of my favorite lines, too!) Enough about me–you are doing so great!! I get to bring your family dinner and Monday and can’t wait for a moment to catch up! It’s been too busy with getting Maggie to school and then ready for that devotional, plus the 12 days in Hawaii it required (boo-hoo, right?), but one of the first things I did after getting home on Wednesday was call Christy Boots and get on The List! I’m planning a Celebratory Dinner for after your appointment on Monday–any special requests? I will be there with it at 6:00 sharp 🙂

    • Mindy,

      How fun to hear from you! I *loved* your talk with your Dad. So great to have that opportunity!- A lot of pressure though!I I’ve been so focused on family and serving, creating memories, and strengthening testimony. I want my children to know the gospel is true because they learned it at their mother and father’s knee! –So your words touched my heart.

      Jon always reads the BYU-Hawaii devotionals, and he brings home the ones he particularly likes for me to read. He’s often commented that the BYU Hawaii devotionals are just as good, and sometimes better than the Provo Devotionals. There’s something more intimate about the setting at BYU-H.

      I can’t believe you’re bringing us dinner! But I will be so happy to see you. I know this is a sacrifice for you, since cooking is not your favorite thing. No special requests, we’re happy with anything!

      Sure love and appreciate you! Melanie

  2. Chalice says:

    Melanie, we love you. You are in our prayers. Through this whole thing you’ve been simply amazing . . . what a role model . . . such a great attitude and heart. Take care, sweet sister.

  3. Arlene says:

    Dear Melanie,
    What an inspiring lady you are! I love you and want you to know you are in all our prayers and close to our hearts. We are sending positive thoughts and energy your way. “With God, nothing is impossible!” Happy Sabbath Day and talk to you soon. I miss you. Love you lots!

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