“Come Unto Jesus”

I went to sacrament meeting today and enjoyed it.  I came home to eat and take a short nap before going back for Young Women, but unfortunately my “Short nap” turned into a longer nap, so I missed the last meeting. The ward choir sang in sacrament meeting, and I have to concur with the Bishop who said, “Our ward choir is the best choir in all Christiandom.   Roz Hall does a great job getting the quality from each choir member, but she has also invited the  spirit into the choir.  Yes, they sing beautifully, but the choir touches my heart because it is filled with people I love; I recognize their voices and their spirit, and the music becomes very personal to me.

Since I’m on music–a regular thing for me on Sundays,  I was also touched by our sacrament hymn  I’ll share the 3rd verse of “Come Unto Jesus” (pg.117 in LDS Hymn Book)

“Come unto Jesus, He’ll surely hear you, If you in meekness plead for his love.  Oh, know you not that angels are near you, From brightest mansions above?”

Tomorrow is the doctor appointment, so I’m trying to be meek and I do feel the angels all around.  Love to all—Melanie

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One Response to “Come Unto Jesus”

  1. Julie Markham says:

    I’ve prayed for you all weekend and am hoping for great news today!

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