Prayers, musicals, and football games

I have a pretty good Tarceva rash on my back and chest.  I’m still getting it on my face too, but it’s not as bad.  Glad it’s getting colder and I can wear turtlenecks!(Did I just say that, as I sit here typing and freeze!)

I felt good today, and get a little more energy every week–as long as I don’t way overdo it on any day!  Tonight I actually went to Young Men/Young Women youth activity.  They are practicing for a ward musical that will be a great performance!  I also saw the first half of my nephew’s football game.  I am getting better and stronger.

I’ve heard people say before they can feel other’s prayers.  And I can now say that I am amazed how much I feel the prayers of others.  I think it is because hearts connect to God and also to each other through prayer.  This is suggested in the following quote.  “…prayer requires more of the heart than the tongue.” Thanks for your prayers, I feel them!  Love to all of you!—Melanie

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3 Responses to Prayers, musicals, and football games

  1. Julie Markham says:

    I’m happy you are stronger! While I’m glad everyone’s prayers are helping, don’t discount your own faith and prayers, even a little.

  2. Arlene says:

    Melanie! So glad to read of your progress. With God all things are possible. I am so happy to hear that your spirits are lifted and that you are getting stronger. I love you and have you in all my prayers. Keep up the faith and good courage that you exemplify to all of us! You are an inspiration and joy to have as a friend. Thank you for all that you do for me!

    • Thanks for all your support. The friend I can call at a moments notice when I’m afraid in the hospital. I’ll never forget your being there for me on that occasion and many others.
      Love and miss you!

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