BYU Men’s and Women’s Chorus Fun-Kiss your Spouse Today!

Had a great time with each girl individually today!

I went to maturation at Canyon Crest Elementary with Kawena.  Did a little shopping.  Took a short nap.  Took Kalani to get her ears pierced–hurray!  She finally got brave enough!  Cooked frozen pizza for dinner (ok, I’m not quite to the meal planning stage yet), and then went to BYU Men’s and Women’s chorus with Keala.  I missed Kai’s futsal game which was in the middle of all of the above, but it was great to feel well enough to do things with my kids!  I had to put cotton in my ears for the Men’s and Women’s chorus–only because I’m still pretty sensitive to sound.  I’m grateful to feel part of the human race again!

Any of you who read the blog regularly, know I am particularly tender when it comes to my husband.  At a time of day when I’m feeling bald, and ugly; Kala comes home after a long day, wraps his arms around me, tells me I’m beautiful and he loves me.  What more can a bald woman ask for?  So I want to share some “high” poetry from Percy Shelly sung by the Men’s Chorus tonight:

“See! the mountains kiss high heaven,

And the waves clasp one another;

No sister flower would be forgiven,

If it disdained it’s brother;

And the sunlight clasps the earth,

And the moonbeams kiss the sea;

What are all these kissings worth,

If thou kiss not me?

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6 Responses to BYU Men’s and Women’s Chorus Fun-Kiss your Spouse Today!

  1. Heather Fenn says:

    i am so glad that u r getting and feeling stronger day by day. I love that pic of you and the girls. All of you r beautiful ladies. I bet the concert was beautiful. Keep the faith.nd

  2. Natalie Jones says:

    I love reading your bolg, thanks so much for sharing the spiritual strength that you are receiving with the rest of us. I get so excited when I see you gaining energy and physical strength and enjoying life so fully. I’m very happy for you and I feel positive that you will kick this thing! Love you tons!

  3. jacqui andreasen says:

    You continue to be such an inspiration to me with your faith and positive attitude. I am touched by all those who are expressing their love for you through the service they render. You have no idea how much you are helping me to stay positive in the face of life’s trials. So happy about your latest results – keep fighting the good fight~!

    • Jaqui– Thanks for your support and prayers. One of the blessings of this trial of health is the joy of old friends reaching out and connecting. I pray for blessings and miracles in your life trials as well!

  4. Chalice says:

    Love you, Melanie. You are an inspiration to so many people. Keep smiling and know that you are loved dearly.

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