Break-the-Fast French Fries

Today was Fast and Testimony Meeting and Kala was conducting, so he bore his testimony.  He spoke of gratitude.  When we had positive news from the last scans, he said his first reaction was relief; but was reminded by Julie Woffinden when he texted her the good news, and her response was, “I’m saying a prayer of gratitude right now!  Neither one of us thought to pray immediately, but we were humbled and reminded of the blessings we are receiving daily.  We are trying to be better about expressing gratitude throughout the day as blessings come to our family!

Since I’ve not been cooking big Sunday meals (thanks to my sister, Kim), I decided last Fast Sunday that I could at least throw some frozen waffle fries into the oven to break our fast.  I loved it because the smell of the french fries cooking brought all my kids out of their rooms, and  to the kitchen to enjoy time together.  I decided to make it a Fast Sunday tradition, even when I’m back to cooking full meals.   The french fries will draw them in, and then I can put them all to work helping with dinner!

I can say I am grateful for this trial which has tested our family in ways we could not have anticipated, but also has brought us strength and testimony we had no idea we possessed.  It has drawn us closer to each other, and also to so many of you, for which we are profoundly grateful.  We love you!  Melanie


Waffle Fries to Break-the-Fast


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