Gamma Knife, Here We Come!

Yesterday’s appointment with Dr. Watson, the gamma knife specialist in SL., went well.  I am scheduled to receive the one time treatment Wednesday, Nov. 17.  The doctor says this procedure has a high success rate (80%), and thinks this will be the step to “clear my head.”  I have to admit I was a little scared when a very kind and super cheerful nurse showed me what would happen.  The machine itself looks high tech and like a CT scanner, but she also showed me the prep room and the tools they use to hold your head in place.–  I started looking around for Dr. Frankenstein!!  I guess the scary looking metal tools are titanium screws  they screw into your head right against your skull.  The nurse said, the screws don’t go into your skull, only your scalp, but they are all pointy!  There are side affects like I will probably get some bad headaches because of the brain swelling.  Yeah, I get to take steroids again and grow some more facial hair!  The really scary possible side affects I’ll spare you because they happen in less than 5% of cases, so it’s not worth worrying about.  Besides, I choose to side with Alphonse Karr who said,  “Some people grumble because roses have thorns; I am thankful that thorns have roses.”

OK, enough of the terrifying!  I’m excited to get the procedure done, and I’m grateful for such great technology and a great doctor to perform the procedure.

Tuesday night we were reading scriptures, and the kids usually spread themselves out throughout the room, but because it was so cold, they naturally sought each other out for warmth.  It was Keala’s turn to read, and I couldn’t resist taking a picture.

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Kai got into the spirit of it with, “Mom, if you’re going to take pictures lets do this right and he put everyone’s scriptures in a circle on the floor.  Precious memories  I pray my children will always remember.

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8 Responses to Gamma Knife, Here We Come!

  1. DeLite says:

    How beautiful. I’m searching for ways to get the kids peacefully together for scripture study. By the time I get them all together I’m usually so frustrated! And then there’s Max–can we even be heard over him?
    Our prayers will be with you as you go in for surgery again. We have faith that the doctor will be guided and that you will have courage as you undergo the procedure. We love all of you!

  2. Heidi says:

    The roses are so beautiful you will hardly notice the thorns at all. Just love looking at all your pictures of your beautiful family…or roses. They are definitely worth the pricks of this life. Love you so much.

    It does not look like the whole family will being coming up at the beginning of December, but I will for sure be coming on Jan. 7th and leaving on the 10th. I already bought the ticket and am excited to come see all of you!

    Lots of hugs,

  3. Chalice says:

    I haven’t checked in for a few days because it’s been crazy busy here . . . so glad to hear that your doctors have a treatment. I will pray and fast for you on Wednesday as you go into surgery. We love you. Love all the pictures of your family you’ve been putting on . . . miss you and the kids. Hugs and kisses to all.

    Love, Chalice

  4. elisha daines says:

    mel just think of the Gamma knife as a lazer sword in Toy story…. looks scary but all kids want to have one. The marvels of modern medicine. sorry so long without word from me but life is chaos. Jeff is working more hrs. a day than the averagy family does in 2 wks. Again a single mom with two boys at ahome and 2 daughters at college–the oldest just got engaged. So now i get to plan a wedding== I am 2 young to do this. Oh well it could be must worse. Your family scripture study is precious. we usually have a scripure day.. this is when we read lost of versus amd try to learn 1 thing. Maybe we should sit in a circle and hold hands. that way someone can be in charge of keeping Jeff awake. Oh…can you have someone send me that pic of you, me and Stacey? I love it. You can do it Mel. You are the stronest girl I know . Love to all your family. elisha

    • Elisha,

      Thanks for the laser sword visual– Awesome. I’m getting the best one! Great to hear from you. Thanks for the love and support!

      Planning a wedding–eeeeek! But congratulations on the wedding! Hope you love the guy too!

      I’m sending you the fun “Oreo Cookie” picture. Love it!

      Take Care XO, M

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