I feel like my little kid self-I'm full of a sense of wonder and appreciation.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I feel as though gratitude is bursting from every cell in my body.  My eyes have been opened to so many blessings that I took for granted-at least a lot more than I do now.  Last night, Kala and I attended the BYU basketball game, I felt so happy to be there with my husband!  With this illness there is a sense of continually pressing forward with faith,  always expecting miracles, but being filled with gratitude, humility, and wonder when they are actually realized.  Because I am feeling so much better, and at many points didn’t know if I would ever feel this good again–I feel like a child experiencing life again for the first time, a second chance to “get it right.” Food tastes better, friends are more beautiful and their countenance shines.  Each conversation with my children is precious, every moment shared with my husband a treasure.  Every song I sing and errand I run brings me joy.  Life is still uncertain, but that’s ok.  It’s what I signed up for in the pre-existence, we all did.

My sister DeLite, sent me this quote from Patricia Holland,  “With Faith in God, His prophets, his church, and ourselves-with faith in our own divine creation-may we be peaceful and let go of our cares and troubles over so many things.  May we believe, nothing doubting in the light that shines, even in a dark place.”

May you all have a glorious Thanksgiving filled with Love and gratitude!–Much love, Melanie

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4 Responses to Thanksgiving

  1. Julie Markham says:

    Life is different when we have gratitude for everything. “Count your many blessings” is not a platitude, it is the key to happiness and serving God. Love the baby picture!!!!

  2. Mary Owen says:

    Thank you for giving me a newfound appreciation of life, blessings and challenges through your posts. You are an inspiration to me. I look at life differently now.

  3. Heather Fenn says:

    Hope you had a good Thankgiving with your Family. Glad to hear u r starting to feeling like your self again. I loved the baby pic of you. Too Cute!!! Thank you for being my friend. Have a good Holiday season!!! Keep the faith.

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