Has Anyone Seen My Cell Phone?

My cell phone has been missing all week, so I apologize if you are trying to call me and I’m not responding.  The phone is now dead, and I’m afraid I’m never going to find it.  I just have so many numbers in that phone!!

Physically I feel great!  I’ts been easier with a little warmer weather too.  Emotionally, I am still overwhelmed with the beauty and vibrancy I find in the world and this Christmas season.  How could I have been so blessed to receive this gift of love and heightened appreciation for the many wonders of earthly life, family, and friends?

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Kalani’s harp teacher, Jessica Patch, and her mother, Jan Sumsion came over to make toffee today.  We had such a good time together.  It felt even more like Christmas to smell the toffee cooking, and then make packages for gift giving.

I also made the first meal for my family in five months, (besides grilled cheese or mac-n-cheese) on Tuesday.  It wasn’t fancy, and it wore me out,  but it felt great to be doing “Mom” things.  Kai and the girls were very helpful in preparing the meal, and the kids are committed to helping make dinner and learning to cook.

Dinner anyone?

My wonderful neighbors and friends have brought meals to us for five months now! I’m still relying on them twice a week, and can’t thank all those who serve our family again and again.  I love you and treasure your example.

My next MRI and CT scan are December 29.  I have faith and truly believe my brain will be clear!  the Lord’s blessings are very real in my life!.    Love to all–Melanie

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