Christmas is about the Savior

A couple of weeks ago, I asked each of my children to finish this sentence for me:  “It’s just not Christmas without…           Melia Kawena finished the sentence with,  “It’s just not Christmas without baby Jesus under the Christmas tree.   About eight years ago, I was visiting my Dad who had a great wood workshop.  I asked him if I could help him make a doll size manger for a new family Christmas tradition. I enjoyed that project with my Dad and Kawena has enjoyed  baby Jesus ever since.  She doesn’t play with the the doll anymore, she just loves to have it there.  It was so fun when Jillian came over with her childlike wonder and amazement that there was a baby Jesus under our tree.  She was excited to tell her family about it, and has been over to play with “baby Jesus.”   I love this Christmas season and I am so grateful for the opportunity to see the glory of the Savior’s birth through Jillian’s eyes!

I am eating like crazy and not the healthiest food–been enjoying the toffee too much!  Grateful to have an appetite and enjoy meals… and treats too!—Love to all, Melanie

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3 Responses to Christmas is about the Savior

  1. Carl Clegg says:

    Christmas is a magical time of year. There’s no time better to make amends, set new goals, and recommit yourself to Christ-like living. Thank you for sharing your traditions and for your wonderful example. Sending Christmas wishes to you and your kin.

    Love, Carl and DeLite and family

    • Carl and Family,

      We are so grateful for loving family and all your support from a distance. You and DeLite and your kids have been so wonderful. We treasure you!

      Merry Christmas everyone! Christ is born!

      Love, Melanie

  2. Heather Fenn says:

    It is so neat to see and hear about all your christmas Traditions. I am sure that your family treasures all those fun ideas. I love the idea about the baby by the tree. It is even neater that u got to make the manger with your dad. I am sure that is a memory that u will treasure always. I remeber making Gingerbread houses growing up with my mom. We would make them and then give them to our teachers at school. I love this time of year that we get to celebrate Jesus birth. He is the reason for the season. Hope You and your family have a wonderful christmas!! I am so glad u r feeling better and getting to do some of the fun christmas things with your kids.

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