Scan Mix-up

I called yesterday to check on the scans I’m supposed to get done today, and discovered they are not actually scheduled at all!  I remember being in the doctor’s office and getting a call on my cell phone.  I can’t remember who I talked to though.  She told me both my scans were set up for this morning, so I don’t know what happened—it’s a mystery.  But it’s ok, because I was able to get in tomorrow afternoon for both scans.  I will have to go to American Fork to see the doctor afterwards, but that’s ok too.

It’s a snowy morning in Provo.  I thought I’d post a few Kau family Christmas pictures.  It was such a blessing to be with family!! My heart is bursting with gratitude and love. 

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You will see pictures of Jon’s brother, Steven, and his new wife, Allyn.  Also the Christmas eve stocking gift opening with the cousins.- A great tradition!

I’m determined to learn from this years difficult lessons–to be refined and become a better person.  I love how President Hinckley was always encouraging us to “be” something more.  This quote comes from President Hinckley in 1994.

Be kind
Write a letter
Keep a promise
Give a soft answer
Try to understand
Laugh a little more
Express your gratitude
Think First of someone else
Seek  out a forgotten friend
Gladden  the  heart of a child
Examine your demands on others
Speak your love, and then speak it again
Manifest your loyalty in  word  and in  deed
Dismiss   suspicion and  replace it with trust
Take pleasure in the beauty and wonder of the earth
Forgo a grudge
Encourage youth
Forgive an enemy
Welcome a stranger
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3 Responses to Scan Mix-up

  1. DeLite says:

    Thanks for the fun Christmas pictures. It’s great to see Steven so happy with his new wife. It’s also WONDERFUL to see your face filling out and returning to “normal.” You’re always beautiful–but, you’re looking healthier now! Merry Christmas!

  2. rosemary Masi says:

    always inspiring. wish you were here in my life when i was so very sick! i will say it once if i dont say it a million times. ” melanie i am healed all over again, thanks to you!
    muchlove for you from me!!

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