Still shrinking!!

Kai, Grandpa, Kea with ukeleles

Not these boys of ours, of course, but tumors!!

Grandpa Kau hand crafted ukeleles for Kai and Kea (Jon’s sister’s son).  These will be family heirlooms, and the boys are excited to play the ukelele.

Yesterday I went to see the oncologist, Dr. Rich.  We were discussing the scans, and he noticed the chest CT scan was missing.  We had  the MRI of the brain and CT of abdomen and pelvis, but not chest.   Dr. Rich discovered the chest CT was not done!  He sent me over to the outpatient center to get the scan done and then called me later that evening.  He said the lung tumor is shrinking still, not as much as before, but still shrinking (4.5 cm in October, 4.3 cm in December).  He also said the subplura nodules in the lower right lung are not visible on the scan.  He said it doesn’t mean they are not there, they are just not visible to the naked eye on the scan.  But he said this is great news!  We are still headed in the right direction!

Mom and Dad Kau invested in a water ionizer.  I was drinking ionized water for a while and it seemed to help me feel better.  Also, my doctor, Dr. Johnson, said there is scientific evidence that drinking ionized water is healthier.  Ionized water helps the body maintain an alkaline state, which is better for fighting cancer and other diseases, as well as great for energy.  Mom and Dad brought us a three gallon jug to drink and we can just go fill it up at there house when we need to.–Thanks Mom and Dad!

Because it’s been so cold, the circulation in my hands and feet are acting up.  The doctor said I have an auto-immune condition where the blood vessels close off, and blood doesn’t get to certain fingers or toes.  I get pins and needles like they’ve fallen asleep, and the fingers and toes in question turn all white.  The only treatment is to keep your fingers and toes warm!!

Tomorrow Kala is getting his knee scoped by Dr. Scott Jackson.  His knee has been bothering him for years, but recently has severely limited his activity.  We’re praying everything goes well.

This beautiful poem shares the positive faith and  gratitude I feel.   I recognize it is not through my own power I am healing, and receiving so many blessings but through the power of a loving God.

Saviour, Breathe an Evening Blessing

(James Edmeston, 1791-1867)
Saviour, breathe an evening blessing,
Ere repose our spirits seal;
Sin and want we come confessing,
Thou cant save, and Thou canst heal.
Tho the night be dark and dreary,
Darkness cannot hide from Thee;
Thou art He who, never weary,
Watchest where Thy people be.
Though destruction walk around us,
Though the arrow past us fly,
Angel-guards from Thee surround us,
We are safe if Thou art nigh.
Blessed Spirit, brooding o’er us,
Chase the darkness of our night,
Till the perfect day before us
Breaks in everlasting light.
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6 Responses to Still shrinking!!

  1. DeLite says:

    That’s good news that the tumors are continuing to shrink. Glad to hear the water ionizer helps you feel better. Hope all goes well with Kala’s knee. Sounds like you have Raenaud’s Syndrome (I’ve probably spelled that wrong). It’s not all that uncommon. Better bundle up for the winter! Love you!

  2. Heather Fenn says:

    That is wonderful about the tumors! Hope Kala’s Knee Surgery. It was so nice to see
    you the other day. Keep drinking the water. You are always in prayers. You while family is. Keep drinking that good water

  3. Char Dillenback Stevens says:


    Where to start…

    I was just going through my Christmas Card book and updating addresses. For some reason, I decided to google your name, thinking maybe you moved this past year. And, instead happened upon your blog.

    Your grace and strength are amazing.

    Carrie and I were in NJ this summer for a tournament and on our way home to Michigan we took a side trip through Fort Washington. I showed her the old house and then went to Baskin Robbins (which is another ice cream shop now). We sat there as I told her about dressing up as clowns with my friend Melanie, making the best pralines and cream milk shakes and all the fun we had. It seemed like yesterday, not almost 30 years ago!

    You have a great support system surrounding you. Stay strong and know that you are loved.

    I miss you,

  4. Rob Tonkinson says:

    I am so glad to hear the good news. I was in Utah dropping a car and two boys at BYU, a girl at BYU-I, skiing, and visiting family. I had hoped to get by to say hello, but never made it. I keep you in my prayers regularly and can tell that hundreds of others do as well. May the Lord continue to bless you.

    • Rob,

      So great to hear from you! Thank you. Please send me the names and PH# of your boys at BYU. We’ll have them over for Sunday dinner some time!

      Hard to believe our kids are old enough to be college students–and you have three!! I just have one daughter at BYU, a sophomore

      We send you our love and best wishes!!


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