Zometa Bone Infusion and “Tangled”

Today I went for the Zometa Bone infusion at the hospital.  It went well and I am feeling fairly good now that’s it’s over.  I have to admit– I’m cold and nothing sounds better than curling up with a blanket and a good romantic movie!

Yesterday I was feeling a coach potato, lack of exercise and felt like taking a walk.  I asked Alyson and Jillian to go with me.  We just walked around the neighborhood for about 35 minutes.  My face got cold, but the sun felt so good.  I have to admit my quad muscles are a little sore today.  On our walk, we were so entertained by “Tangled’s”(Rapunzel) hair draped from a home in our neighborhood (Losee’s) which has “towers.”  We laughed, and enjoyed memories of the darling movie.

"Rapunzel, let down your golden hair"

I’m so grateful for beautiful sunny days, and the little things which make me smile and bring me joy; from “Tangled” hair coming out of windows, a tight hug from one of my kids, smiles from  neighbors, beautiful music, Kalani playing the harp, Keala and Kai playing the piano, Kawena conquering a new task, conversations with friends.  I pray we can feel the joy of all of lifes’ “little” and very significant things.   Love to all—Melanie

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One Response to Zometa Bone Infusion and “Tangled”

  1. DeLite says:

    What a fun idea to hang out Rapunzel’s hair. Glad you were able to get out. Weather has been so iffy here–snow, ice, COLD. . . January’s almost over! I love you!

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