Sweet 16 and the “Kissing Disease”-but not from kissing

Yes, I've made Kalani practice the harp when she was sooo tired!

We are surviving the cold as best we can.  I’m such a wimp!  I have a wood fire burning, rice/corn bags heated, and my bedroom is warm because of the great electric fireplace my sister Colette sent me.

Kalani still assures me she hasn’t kissed any boys, but she has complained since October–the end of tennis season-about exhaustion.  She was wondering then.  “I think I might have mono, Mom.”  I remember saying well–if you do, there’s no medicine–you just have to get through it with lots of rest.   Kalani has caught just about every cold or flu bug which has come by, and she’s been taking 2-3 hour naps.  She’s missed school almost twice a week.  I’ve been putting some pressure on her, but she is always so tired that I usually have given in and let her sleep.  The other day Kalani said, “Mom, I want to get a blood test to see if I have mono–just so I can know.”  I knew she was feeling miserable because she is terrified of needles.  –The test is back and yes, Kalani does have mono.  I feel badly she’s had it for three months, and I’ve been pushing her to get things done!!  I’m considering a recommendation of a friend to take her to a chiropractor.  She said he could get her over it in about two weeks!

brave crocus's sticking their heads out

It’s hard to have the faith that Spring is inevitably coming in ice cold February.  Our home is south facing and we have a small garden patch up against the house.  I ran some errands today, and the cold outside has not intimidated the crocuses from peaking out of the frigid soil.  Our dryer vents in that bed, so I think the flowers there always think it’s warmer than it is.  –But it was exciting to see a sign of Spring.  It IS coming!!! Spring is a wonderful beginning. In Acts 15: 18  I find peace in the scripture.” Known unto God are all his works from the beginning of the world.” God knows what is happening and will always bring another spring to the world and to our lives.

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5 Responses to Sweet 16 and the “Kissing Disease”-but not from kissing

  1. Tiffany Strong says:

    I have had MONO, and the Chiropractor will help. It lines everything up. Also, have her drink tons of lemon herbal tea.
    I hope she starts feeling better!
    Tiff Strong

  2. DeLite says:

    Sorry to hear about mono–no fun. Hope that Kalani gets feeling better soon. Congratulations to Kawena on winning the spelling bee. How great to see the crocuses. I think it will be a while here before we see any. I bought some tulip bulbs late last fall and the ground froze before I got them in the ground. Now I’m thinking of forcing them indoors just so we can have some color!

    • DeLite,

      Thanks so much for your positive support. Hope your family is surviving the winter and are staying warm enough. We’ve heard stories of the eastern storms and temperatures.

      Love you, Melanie

  3. Chalice says:

    It’s amazing how well your children are doing through this whole thing — Kai with soccer champ; Kawena the spelling bee champ; Kalani playing tennis and the harp; and Keala doing well at college and so talented in art and music. Hope Kalani feels better soon. She needs to REST and let go of stress. All three of my girls had active mono repeatedly. Unfortunately, mono does return if the body is going through physical & emotional stress. I love you and miss you. I am amazed at everything you’ve gone through and have been able to do. Tell all of your wonderful children Auntie says “hello” and sends hugs.

    Love always, Chalice

    • Chalice,

      Thanks for your timely,thoughtful, and encouraging message. It’s good to be reminded we have great kids. They are doing well, and I’m so grateful for that. Hope you are enjoying warm AZ!–Don’t envy the summers, but would love a warmer winter!!

      Much love xoXO, Melanie

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