Another Spelling B Winner and Wind in the Willow

Thomas and Kawena, friends and Spelling B champs!

Our next door neighbor, Thomas Freedman, a  sixth grader at Ivy Hall won their school’s spelling B today.  Two smart sixth graders right next door to each other!!

The wind is blowing like crazy!–Lots of  branches blown off our willow tree.  I’m updating the blog without any real updates in my condition, unless tired, but feeling somewhat competent as mother counts as progress–I think it DOES!  Hope everyone had a Happy Valentine’s Day.  I actually made a card for my husband using old pictures I’d scanned in, and then downloaded to an “american greetings” card site.  I’m becoming a little more computer literate!

I’m s grateful for the many good friends and people all around me.  My friend Fairy Moorehouse stopped by the other day with a poem she wrote and a fairy wand.  Here’s the poem:

I wish you love,
I wish you light.
I wish you fairy dust sparkles
both day and night.
I wish you strength,
and the sun when you rise.
I wish you rest
as the moon lights the sky.
I wish you smiles,
and faith all around.
I wish for our Savior,
His love to surround.
A hope and a promise,
my heart and my prayers-
Whatever you need,
Melanie, my friend…
I am always there.

With such friends,  I can’t avoid feeling positive and upbeat.  Thanks to everyone of you for  encouraging me!!


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One Response to Another Spelling B Winner and Wind in the Willow

  1. Carl Clegg says:

    Last week we watched a movie from Netflix called “The Bucket List”. Spoiler Alert: Don’t continue to read if you haven’t seen it and plan to. Two guys meet in the hospital – each is diagnosed with cancer and are given only a six months to live. So, they decide to go down a list of things they want to do before they kick the bucket rather than sit around. In the process they learn a lot about love, life, each other, and real joy. It was really quite an inspirational story – about living life to the fullest. In the end Edward Cole (played by Jack Nicholson) goes on to live to be 81 despite despite the earlier predictions of his doctors.
    Be well and warm greetings from all of us.

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