Finally Kalani’s Valentine Dance Photo

Kalani  had such a great time at the Valentine Dance.  The day date was sledding at Soldier Hollow.  Then dinner at La Hoya  Groves in the Riverwoods, and at last– dancing!

I am doing well today.  Melia Kawena had a band concert at Timpview tonight.  The Elementary Schools performed 4 songs, and the the Centennial and Timpview bands performed one song each.  The whole concert was about 40 minutes.  Perfect.

Kala was busy with a BYU Bishop’s Open House on the Honor Code.

Kalani and Brandon Bridgewater

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8 Responses to Finally Kalani’s Valentine Dance Photo

  1. Lynnell King says:

    Kalani, You look darling, I love your dress!!
    Melanie, I glad things went pretty well yesterday. You are always in the King family’s prayers!!

  2. McKenzie King says:

    I love and miss this girl so much! She looks so beautiful.
    Mel, you are always in my prayers! LOVE YOU!

  3. Julie says:

    I love her dress — thanks for sharing this!

  4. Arlene says:

    Such a beauty inside and out, just like you Melanie. Love the picture.

  5. Chalice says:

    So good to see you’re back on line and we can get updates. I love you. Kalani looks so happy . . . these girls are all growing up . . . where have our babies gone?

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