MRI Spectroscopy

Byu new Botany pond Trail

Last night Kala took me to IMC in Murray for an MRI spectroscopy which is a special MRI which helps doctors diagnose tumors.   This morning I called to follow-up, and Dr. Watson called me back after looking at the scans and talking to Jay Clark.   He said I have two active tumors that need additional radiation in my brain.  One large one in the right side and one in the brain stem.  Dr. Watson does not want to do gamma knife again, (gamma got three of the five tumors he worked on.) but rather 5 targeted radiation sessions on those two tumors.  I will go every other day for 5 sessions, not sure if all the hair will fall out again.  I h ave to go to Dr. Watson in the Murray IMC Hospital for each of those 5 sessions.  Kala will take me on Tuesday at 1:00 (Keala’s 20th birthday!!!.  He has graduation on Thursday, but hopefully Keala can take me on Thursday.  I’m feeling optimistic and very hopeful that we can really can these last two tumors.

I have faith we can do this, and I’m still expecting miracles!!!!!

Kala and I walked the new Botany pond trail with five waterfalls.  I’m holding a glossary of trees and plants along the trail.  It was very beautiful.  In fact, I’m thinking when the Beard family has our reunion this  summer,  I’ll take everyone there for a walk, lunch, and to play in the stream!  My siblings and all their children will be gathering after our Stake Youth Conference for a Family Reunion at the end of June.  We are loving it!

Here’s a quote that I’ve been thinking about…

“The only safe and sure way to destroy an enemy is to make him your friend.”   Is that what this cancer is for me?   Do I need to accept and love it,  rather than fight, fight, fight.  I know I CAN  do this!!!!!

Love to all of you!!!! —Melanie

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6 Responses to MRI Spectroscopy

  1. Tiffany Strong says:

    You are amazing. I love you and my prayers are with you.

  2. Julie says:

    I love your attitude, but please don’t make friends with these tumors.

  3. mary cannon says:

    Hey — you look great! I spoke with you briefly in the hall (hunting for the bathroom) in church a few weeks ago the Sunday the YW had their program — such talent!) I am Julie Markham’s sister and she forwarded me your first blog because it was so inspiring to her. Naturally I subscribed, so have been following your progress. You are so inspiring. Mary Cannon

  4. Lisa Miller says:

    Mel, please let me know if you need a ride any days to radiation. I’m happy to take you:-)

  5. Rebekah Clegg says:

    I love the quote! I’m going to have to use that! The trail looks beautiful!

  6. DeLite says:

    The trail sounds great for the family reunion. I can’t wait! Our prayers will be with you as you do another round of radiation. I think of Joseph Smith in Liberty Jail and how emotionally and physically difficult that situation was, and yet afterwards he likened it to a temple experience. Maybe cancer will be that way for you. We love you you and think you are amazing!

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