First Day of Radiation after a wonderful Easter

Love it when Jillie comes over and makes my day!

I feel ok–a little tired, but not nauseated.  Julie Woffinden took me up today, and it was wonderful to be with her. She gave me a wonderful book of some of her favorite quotes, and then wrote in the book all the quotes I ‘d posted on the blog through the end of 2010.  We even went to lunch afterwards, and there’s a new Nordstrom Rack on 106th South, so we stopped there to see if Julie could find a dress for Blake’s wedding.

I wanted to post a picture, so you could see the mask I wear for these sessions, but they wouldn’t allow pictures unless I sign a release.  I got the release and hopefully will be able to take a picture on Thursday when I go up.

On Easter Sunday, Kawena had a part in Kim’s sharing time as a Nephite child witnessing to Christ visiting them in the Americas.

Kalani taught the Easter lesson with other Laurels.  Both my girls were very nervous before church,  but I was very proud of them for doing so well teaching and performing.   Kawena was very natural as a witness of Christ, and the Spirit was powerful as Kalani bore testimony of the significance of the Atonement.  “There could be no Christmas without Easter!”   Kawena asked–isn’t  that backwards?  Christ had to be born first.  It is true that our Savior’s birth was glorious,  but it is because he willingly suffered as a perfect soul, for our imperfect souls, that we are able to repent and be forgiven every Sunday as we partake of the Sacrament.  What a magnificent gift to each of us!!

I’ve been waiting to publish because there are some pictures on my camera, but my camera seems to be lost.   Anyone seen it?

Mom and Dad Kau too me to my second radiation today.  We enjoyed a great lunch at Joe Vera’s Mexican Restaurant afterwards.  Thanks mom and Dad!

I wanted to post a picture of me in the mask,  but there were  two issues. One the hospital required a written release for me to take pictures- which I’ve taken care of….if I could just f find my camera!

I also saw Dr Watson today.  He said one brain tumor affects personality and hearing.  The other one is affecting my balance and vision.   I’m doing p;retty good– all considered.  He also said it hopefully won’t be necessary, but more gamma knife is a future possibility.  He also wants to get me off steroids ASAP.  So this week full dose, but next week down to 1 mg tablets.

I’m sure I will find the camera, and will create a more interesting post soon.  Love to all–Melanie

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One Response to First Day of Radiation after a wonderful Easter

  1. Delite says:

    You’ve been in our prayers as you undergo this next round of radiation. Praying that this will be the bell that tolls for the brain tumors! So wonderful to have spring arrive here. Max is potty training, life is good! Sending good thoughts your way!

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