Camera is Found. It was in my church bag!

Mark Taggart as John, Melia Kawena as a Nephite child, Amy Turner as Mary Magdalene, Charles Stewart as Doubting Thomas"Nephite child" and "John"

I wanted to get the pictures of the “Witnesses of Christ” from Primary Sharing Time on Easter Sunday.

This week I have radiation on Mon,  Wed, and Fri.  Alyson and Jillian Freedman are taking me tomorrow.  We’ll see how these last three days go–so far, so good!  I’ve been tired, but haven’t felt sick!!  I will hopefully get a picture tomorrow of the”Helmet” I get to wear for these treatments.

Photos of the Saturday Easter Egg Dying and Hunt at Grandma and Grandpas’s:

Heather Nemelka, my dear friend and next door neighbor has been so good to me.  She brought me this quote for the middle of my radiation.  I was inspired to be tougher because of it.  Don’t give in to crazy symptoms!   “Everything always works out in the end.  So..if it hasn’t worked out yet, it is not the end.”—-Happy Sabbath and Love to all of you!–Melanie

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