My health is like this Utah Spring—On Hold for Now

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I went to see Dr.Nathan Rich today and we discussed the scans.  He said everything looks stable.   There is a spot on my left hip that he will talk to Jay Clark (Radiation Oncologist) about, but his main concern is making sure we g0t the tumors in the brain.  (I second that!)

We also talked about being dizzy and off steroids.  I told Dr. Rich, Dr. Johnson perscribed hydrocortisone in pill form which mimics the bodies natural cortisol.   Dr. Rich was concerned that I wasn’t taking enough!  He gave me 10 mg of Dexamethazone  before I got the Zometa.   He was hoping I’d lose some of this crazy dizziness by tonight.   Unfortunately I still feel like I’m on a cruise ship and the waves are trying to knock me overboard.  Not quite as bad as “Whole brain radiation,” but bad none the less.  I’m guessing this is a great sign that this last round of radiation got those last two tumors and I just need to give my body time to heal from the radiation. Which leads me to the great article on adversity in last Sunday’s Church News:  “Crucible of adversity”  Elder Marion G. Romney served as counselor to two Church Presidents, referred to mortality as “the crucible of adversity and affliction.”  While no one chooses adversity or suffering, we can all be spiritually strengthened through humbly seeking the Lord in difficult times.  OK.  I can do  this!  Love to all—Melanie

On Saturday morning,  Kalani had her harp Festival.  She worked so hard at memorizing the two pieces, but in the end, she played with music.  She knew she could earn an EXCELLENT, but not a SUPERIOR.  She was ok with that.

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3 Responses to My health is like this Utah Spring—On Hold for Now

  1. Julie says:

    Melanie — I guess the cruise ship analogy is apt, if it’s Club Med… I am sure you are sailing along to recovery! While my trials are peanuts compared to yours, I must confess that there is no more powerful way to learn deep and profound truths. It’s the only way to truly grasp the value of enduring.

  2. DeLite says:

    Hang in there–the ship will come to port eventually and the waves will settle down! Hope you feel a bit more stable soon. Thanks for your upbeat attitude. We’re mindful of you in all we do! I still feel nauseous most mornings–less than three months to go. . . Here’s my favorite poem from Emily Dickensen:
    I never saw a moor
    I never saw the sea
    But I know how the heather looks
    and what a wave must be.

    I never spoke with God
    Nor visited in heaven
    but certain am I of the spot
    as if a chart were given.

    I know that God is mindful of you and your family. It is in times like these when we come to know Him in the core of our being. Congratulations Kalani on completing the harp festival. You are terrific! Auntie DeLite

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