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Melanie Beard Kau 1965-2011

December 21, 2011 marked the peaceful passing of Melanie Beard Kau after an eighteen month battle with cancer.¬† Despite the challenges associated with her illness, she remained loving, patient, and filled with gratitude. She fulfilled her earthly mission surrounded by … Continue reading

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A Gift of Love

We thought we would have Melanie for at least two more months, but unfortunately she did not make it two weeks. Melanie passed away peacefully on Wednesday morning, December 21. She was surrounded by her family and sent onward with … Continue reading

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A Time for Courage

For any of you still out there who have endured many weeks of “radio silence”, here is the latest update on Melanie’s condition. Sorry about the extended absence. This blog was a way for Melanie to document the course of … Continue reading

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Changes with Fall

With the coming of the fall season have also come some changes in Melanie’s routine and support. She spent a few days in the hospital on September 12-14 due to her being undernourished and dehydrated. As noted in previous posts, … Continue reading

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Two Doctor Visits

Wednesday Melanie visited Dr. Lloyd at the Utah Valley Eye Center. We were concerned about her filmy eye, blurry vision and uneven pupil¬†dilation. Thankfully, the exam determined that her overall eye health/vision is still very good and that the optic … Continue reading

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Happy 24th Anniversary

We celebrated Jon’s birthday and our 24th wedding anniversary with a candle light “banana split”party on our back patio. Thanks to Kim Pannell for scoopin’ it up and making it such a memorable and “sweet” party.

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Thoughts on Faith

I am truly amazed & my faith is strengthened as I see the power of the human spirit to overcome, & even thrive in the midst of seemingly insurmountable trials. I see friends and neighbors who struggle daily and are … Continue reading

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