Day 1, Round 1

Not sure just where to begin……..If you’re here…….you  obviously know what’s been going on.  This blog is being written to help  give out information about Melanie’s situation to keep everyone up to  date and to relieve Melanie and neighbors from relating the story 100 times a day.

There will be several of us posting on this blog…I’m Tim…..the  bald overweight but nevertheless extremely good looking brother in law –  lol.  Let me first start by saying thank you for being there for  Melanie and her family.  Words can’t express our gratitude for all of  the kindness, thoughtfulness and love that has been extended to them.

We are all truly blessed to live in this area with so many wonderfully  selfless and amazing people.  Know that you are appreciated and  treasured.

Melanie said today as she sat on her front porch with neighbors,  friends and family that we are all like her own little personal army.

This whole crazy ride started a couple of months ago when Melanie had  discomfort in her chest area and was experiencing shortness of breath.   She saw a doctor, they did some tests and determined she had gall  stones and needed her gall bladder removed.

This was done shortly thereafter, but the pain and discomfort  continued and actually got worse.  She went into the surgeon’s office to  discuss her situation, only to be rebuffed and told to “toughen up.”   We will be forming a torch and pitch fork brigade at a point in the not  so distant future to let that surgeon know just exactly what we think of  his bedside manner.

She went to her family doctor and shared her symptoms with him…so he ordered an X-Ray.  It was thought that she had  pneumonia.  Her chest cavity was filling up with fluid making it even  more difficult for her to breath.  2 liters of fluid was removed last  Monday.  On a subsequent CT Scan a mass was detected in her right  lung.

On Wednesday 2 more liters of fluid were removed from her chest  cavity and a biopsy was performed on the mass in her lung.

Friday morning, Melanie went into the doctor’s office and was told  the horrible news that she had a malignant stage  4 cancer in her  lung.

This was to say the least, a huge shock.  Nobody expected this to  even be a possibility.  It seemed like a cruel joke or at the very least  a bad Twilight Zone episode.

She has seen several specialists at this point.  More tests will be  done tomorrow and then we will have a better idea of what her options  will be for treatment in the immediate future.

All things considered, she is in good spirits.  She is strong and  otherwise in good health and is ready to fight this with everything she  has.  I fully expect her to beat this and live a long, happy and healthy  life.

She is an amazing woman, with amazing abilities and strengths.  She will do everything she can and knows that her husband, children,  extended family and friends will also be committed to helping her in any  way possible.  Please get behind her and help her with this battle.

We also welcome any and all positive outcome cancer survival  stories….please share them with us in the comments section.

We will post regularly as new information is shared with us.  We  thank you for joining in our fast today and in advance for all your  thoughts and prayers.  They are all so greatly appreciated.

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3 Responses to Day 1, Round 1

  1. Barbara Brinton says:

    Dear Melanie:

    You truly are one of the most pure hearts I have ever known. Your positive outlook and love of others radiates all over your life. The way you have replaced your fear with faith is inspiring, because that will be the healing power to get you through what you face.

    Several years ago, my sister had a minimal chance of beating inflammatory breast cancer. The Oncologist said he’d never seen such an advanced case as hers survive. But, through priesthood blessings and faith, lots of radiation to shrink down the mass, surgery, hair loss and chemo – she will now be into her 6th year of having beaten such a dreaded disease. I got her lots of hats, scarfs and a beautiful wig. She wore them for a few days until she settled into feeling comfortable with just a scarf.

    You are an outstanding wife and mother. My prayers are not only with you but with Jon and your beautiful children. Family truly is the strength and wind beneath our wings. I feel this first hand daily as I am going through something that I never imagined would be on my radar. But I have felt the tender mercies and the lifting of the Lord while going through it as well. It’s not in your DNA to give up, feel sorry for yourself, become bitter or turn down a negative path. You are here to make all of us better, and you are doing an amazing job.

    Thank you, Melanie, for being who you are. I truly love and admire you and your whole family. The hand of the Lord is in your life in rich abundance, and that is what turns the bitter into the sweet. Jim and I pray continually for you and want you to know how much we love you.

    Barbara Brinton

    • Barbara,

      Can’t tell you how much your love and encouragement means to me, especially when I consider the trials your family is going through. I want you to know how much you have inspired me with the grace, beauty, strength, and faith, I have seen in you. It’s women like you who make us realize that with the Lord we can do all things.

      Love you so much, and am so grateful for your example which gives me courage and strength.


  2. Lynnell King says:

    You are in our thoughts and prayers. May our Heavenly Father bless you and your family!!! We love you.

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